A logistics marketplace connecting carriers to shippers

Post.Bid.Ship is a neutral digital freight matching platform that connects shippers with transportation capacity.

The company connects spot freight shippers to a trusted network of carriers. It helps shippers automate their freight bidding process online using innovative technical solutions that enable carriers to bid on shipper’s available loads.

Post.Bid.Ship. replaces outdated workflows with quick, cost-effective, and efficient matching of loads to transportation capacity in real-time, using near-time data analytics, market indices modeling, and real-time digital collaboration, benefiting both parties through an optimal mix of cost, performance, convenience, and asset utilization. The company also helps those same carriers fill their trailers that historically run on average at only 60% capacity by automatically locating additional freight.

In 2021, LiveToBeHappy, Inc. entered into a definitive agreement to add PostBidShip to its Differentiating Technology Platform. The company is currently rebranding to HARDHATFREIGHT.com to leverage opportunities in the rapidly growing construction freight market.