A Revolution in Bone Repair

MediCarbone’s patented carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer application delivers a minimally invasive, game-changing alternative to current intramedullary (IM) nailing techniques.

MediCarbone focuses on the development of an implantable carbon sleeve; custom-designed photocurable polymer formulation; and AI components that that come together to create a revolutionary solution. MediCarbone’s innovative, cost-effective approach has the power to benefit patients across the globe—fixing orthopedic injuries in civilian, military, degenerative bone disease, and veterinary applications.

MediCarbone’s intramedullary fixation device is formed by an intramedullary sleeve and an injectable, rapid-cure polymeric resin system. The bone setting procedure utilizes:

  • Carbon Sleeve – A carbon-fiber-reinforced sleeve is inserted into the intramedullary cavity.
  • Photocurable Polymeric Resin – Liquid polymeric resin is then injected into the sleeve and light-cured for in-situ polymerization
  • Minimally Invasive Removal – After healing, the photocured polymer is pulverized to enable minimally invasive removal.

Together, these elements form a game-changing treatment alternative for fracture fixation of long bones or pre-strengthening of weak long bones (to avoid future fractures).

  • MediCarbone was founded in 2019 by University of Arizona professors with deep experience in orthopedic engineering and carbon-fiber reinforcement technologies.

  • MediCarbone partners with North American Science Associates (NAMSA) NAMSA (the world’s only 100% medical device-focused, full continuum Contract Research Organization) to provide guidance on the regulatory pathway, evidence requirements, and preclinical and clinical testing plans to help MediCarbone towards FDA submissions.

  • MediCarbone receives NSF SBIR Phase I funding.