Imagination Enabled

On-demand lasers for impactful innovation.

DeUVe’s patented technology is resetting the standard in laser applications—by delivering on-demand combinations of wavelength, size, weight, power, efficiency and cost to meet customer needs. With their unique, customizable technology, they’re able to solve some of their customer’s longest-standing challenges.

DeUVe products take a different approach to commercial laser solutions—more compact, cost-efficient and easily customizable. Choose from UV lasers, Laguerre Gaussian (LG) lasers, single-frequency lasers, mode-locked lasers, visible lasers and magnetometers.

  • Customizable—The specifications customers need—size, power, color—to bring exciting innovations to life.

  • Compact—High power and efficiency in a compact package? It’s possible with DeUVe proprietary technology.

  • Cost-efficient—Often the laser or sensor needed is cost-prohibitive from other vendors. The DeUVe approach delivers unprecedented cost-efficiency.