Enabling reliable low-cost high-capacity flash storage for data centers and hyperscale storage.

Traditional LDPC solutions require large resource usage and power that scales prohibitively with the ever-increasing throughput requirements, and the issue of error floor prevents them from achieving the required low error-rates without adding complexity.

Using a unique patented technology (finite alphabet iterative decoding) that was invented based on years’ of research by the founding team, our FAIDTM core solutions provide the strongest error-correction capability with highly scalable throughputs and no occurrence of error floor.

  • Can support different code rates or codeword lengths with a core for single instance use or smaller core for multiple instance use.

  • Customize the solution to any 3D NAND flash memory or target application such as SATA and NVMe.

  • Scalability to match any throughput vs resource budgets.

  • Optimized solution for a specific FPGA or ASIC target.